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Welcome to Divinity

We come from a 30 year trajectory in fashion design, manufacturing, expertise and service. 

Going back in time to the foundation of our craft, our mission is first and foremost to bring you stunning, distinct collections at affordable prices, season after season.

It's our mission, to make you look divine on one of the most important days of your life. 

Divinity Bridal Formal & Eveningwear 

brings you exquisite, timeless, romantic pieces for your special occasion. 

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Meet Angel 

This all started with one ballgown, I was 15, I was told to take it for dry cleaning. I opened the garment bag, looked at it from every angle and was in awww, I saw sequins, pearls, beads, laces, shimmery satin, organzas sparkling everywhere. "Remember this was the 80's"..  I wondered, how did they make this beautiful thing? Instantly!

I quickly remembered all the sewing tricks my grandmother taught me on the old sewing machine. Suddenly the Virgo-OCD kicked in. My mission started, investigate each and every piece of embroidered lace, every piece of satin, organza fabric, cut, stitching that made up the entire gown. I took a pattern of this dress and challenged myself to replicate it! 

This gown inspired and awoke something inside me. This dress meant everything to me.. It took days to put it back together again I then decided I would keep something from this gown, a keepsake, "an applique" from the front bodice which would be the most noticeable part of any gown. I chose to replace it with another one equally as beautiful. 

Finally!! gown stitched back together at last. Took it to the cleaners, picked it up days later, returned it back to its owner, which was a family member. I was very anxious, nervous, what would happen if she knew her gown was different? 

She opened the bag, inspected the gown to make sure it was good as new.. she said, "my gown is so beautiful" Yet, something kept her eyes on it and said, something seems different about my dress but can't put my finger on it! I was so scared, would it be that she noticed the applique that I switched out? She then zipped up the bag, put the gown in the closet and never mentioned anything about it again.

What a sigh of relief!! I figured it was a sign, a calling.

Make beautiful gowns, make brides shine on their special day and many, many years later..... the rest is history. 

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